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Introducing December’s New Product: Camellia

The call for an upgraded version of Camellia has not stopped, and now, it’s finally here. This new release is a delightful surprise for all the fans of the original Camellia. Many details of the upgraded version have been improved, making it even better than before.

Enhanced Design and Durability

One noticeable improvement is the redesigned chain. Unlike the previous version, the chain now features a stylish metal piece, adding both aesthetic appeal and increased bearing capacity. This upgrade ensures that the chain is not easily stressed or deformed, allowing you to carry it with confidence.

Superior Capacity for All Your Needs

Another remarkable feature of the upgraded Camellia is its super large capacity. We understand that autumn and winter bring along with them a myriad of items to carry. Whether it’s your essentials or extra belongings, this bag has got you covered. You can pack as much as you need without worrying about space limitations.

Available in two sizes, the small Camellia measures 18cm, while the large Camellia measures 23cm. So, no matter your preference or requirements, you can choose the size that suits you best.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own the upgraded Camellia. Treat yourself this winter and indulge in the satisfaction of having a stylish and functional bag by your side. Happy shopping!


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